Bimaxx Hunky Plumbers Unplug More Than The House Pipes September 11, 2006 Bisexual

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For a long time, the cliche set up for adult entertainment has been the moving plumber, that ends up being seduced by the sexy, horny customer. Well, adorable and chaste Margaret convinced never believed she would seduce any handyman, plumber or otherwise, however when that pair of hip looking hose hunks show up to deal with her she can´t hold back herself, and rolls one man prequalified in ye olde plumber´s crack. This seems to open a storm drain of passion from pipe pulling partner Paul, who unexpectedly joins the activity and makes the motions because of his partner´s blue collar canyon, also before a nut can be flipped the next quarter, both these men are nuts deep in snatch and shit box, the whole trio getting off horrible fashion, all the while considering the back of their minds that the entire encounter sure seems like something from a porno movie!

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