Alessio Romero in Menover30 Men’s Room January 02, 2015 Masturbation, Hairy

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Alessio is waiting patiently at his favorite gloryhole. He comes here about twice a week and usually gets at least one cock but it takes a while and he is always eager to see that cock peek through that hole. He finally here´s someone walk into the bathroom and its Andrew checking himself out in the mirror and then taking a piss. Alessio can see him through the glory hole as he sits and strokes himself quietly yet with slight moans and movement so Andrew can hear him. He hears a small squeak from the toilet seat and looks over and sees the glolyhole and Alessio sitting back stroking his cock. Andrew looks around and then slowly pushes his long cock through the gloryhole. Alessio watches the cock come in on his side as he strokes himself and then he leans over and begins stroking Andrews cock. Alessio starts to suck his long big headed cock while still playing with himself as well. All horned up and loving the excitement of a strange cock poking through a hole he takes his pants off and lubes up and backs right up into Andrews´s dick as it slowly goes deep inside. Andrew pounds him through the hole but wants more so he walks around and into the stall with Alessio and bends him over the toilet to finish him off. After their big loads are let loose Andrew leaves in haste back to his office job while Alessio sits back and take it all in.

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