Blaine in Seancody Blaine May 15, 2012 Jock, Solo

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“Just how old are you really?” “‘m 29 years old,” Blaine answered with a white grin and amazing blue eyes. “You dont look 29!” “Yeah I get that much,” he replied. “I look quite young.” “Very baby face.” “Yes.” “Baby confront but with large biceps! “Blaine is one of those guys that has a boyish, innocent face, but a muscular, manly body.He puts a whole lot of time in at the gym! “So that you actually compete?” “Yeah, Ive done a couple competitions last year,” he replied. “Body construction and also some physique competitions. “When hes not at the gym hes on the beach playing volleyball. “Ive got a mean spike,” he explained with a laugh…

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