Braden in Seancody Braden June 18, 2010 Jock, Muscles

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I got the impression he was a late bloomer Once I got to know Braden. You know, the tall lanky kid whos shy, and then all of a sudden, the muscles pop out and hes though, the muscles arrived via tough labour. “‘m a hard gainer,” he explained. “It was hard at first to place any burden on. “Today, hes a competition swimmer and polo player who trains daily and keeps a very strict diet to help keep him in shape for the water.But, hes still sort of shy. Talking about girls made him look at the ground and blush!Braden has really pleasant pecs, which he mostly contains to swimming (his favourite stroke is the butterfly). Hes working out or jogging when hes not swimming. His favorite part of the shoot?He loved revealing some of his speed training moves… working with a parachute supporting him in the beach!

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