Damazonia in You’re Going To Be A Cum Dumpster June 2, 2020 Squirting, BootWorship

Amazon Goddess Mistress Damazonia sits on her throne. Her leather-hooded little girl is called over by her and she tells her that she will make him a sloppy bitch slut. She is now fitted with a huge strapon cock. aEURoeLook at itaEUR he demands. He replies, “AEURoeI’m going to stretch you today.” We see that Damazonia is now her sexy fucking partner. TheyaEUR(tm);ve been in her for a while, but now they are slowly being pulled out by Damazonia. He is now ready to give her a huge cock. He is flubbed a little by her and she slaps his thighs and gives him insulting names. He is able to see her from behind, and she gives you a fantastic upward angle. This is one big slut. AEURoeItaEUR ™ is a great start. I intend to make you my big anal slutaEUR, she said. It is amazing to see Damazonia standing 6aEUR(tm),8aEUR high in high-heeled boots. Damazonia laughs and says that the slave is complaining about how painful it is. He is encouraged to pick up his pace, and she tells him that heaEUR(tm),s training to take 20 men per day. He will be cumin’ with your lazy asshole, she says, and adds aEURoeYouaEUR ™re an ass whore, cum dumpster. He will not resist Mistress Damazonia’s plan to make a man a dirty cumdump whore. He will live a new life that is nothing but cock after damn cock. If he likes it, she may end the day by giving him one last fuck. He starts at zero again after she tells him to let her cum him, but not until 500 women have done it. AEURoeMaybe, I should change to a larger cock. You have a long road to travelaEUR she suggests as the slave moans in pain and pleasure.

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