Keres in Kenny’s Arranged Marriage – Mistress Keres Stool Bound Ass Licker July 20, 2021 EarPulling, Biting

The Sexy Milf Mistress Keres relocated a few years back to a new house. She was lucky enough not to have an auntie Paige as a neighbor. Keres learned over time that dominating and owning your partner was the best way to be happy. She also happened to know a boy who had been well trained that she and her sister wanted to get married. After Kenny and Keres were married, an unusual relationship developed. Paige can be reached at the phone if she ever needs any help.

This scene begins with Keres talking to Auntie Paige. She explains that things are going well and that Kenny has been her slave and toilet. She tells Auntie Paige that he is actually licking her ass now. The camera slowly pulls back and we see Kenny bound to her stool, serving her as her command. This is the first scene that Keres gives Kenny. He makes Kenny kiss her genitals, then admires her sex and finally opens his mouth to give her a treat. It’s a very hot series that also reveals what has happened to Kenny in the time since our last visit.

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