Sendy in 1by-day Q) What is your stage name?A) Sen February 15, 2009 Casting

Q) what’s your stage name?
A) Sen
Q) what’s your stage name?
A) Sendy

Q) Just how old do you?
A) 20

Q) When was the very first time you masturbated?
A) 14 yo

Q) How old are you when you first attempted a vibrator? Did it feel great?
A) 17 yo I feld nice.

Q) When and where did you lose your virginity? Did you enjoy it?
A) With my boyfriend I was 15. I liked

Q) When and where did you get your first orgasm?
A) I had a sexual relationship with my boyfriend in the vehicle.

Q) Who was your wildest sexual experience? What was the most thrilling experience you had?
A) From the car.

Q) What is your sexual dream that hasnâ?? T come true?
A) nothing

Q) What is your opinion of porn movies and magazines?
A) Porn is about us, so why criticize it. I truly like to watch it

Q) What’s your favourite position?
A) Cow girl position.

Q) Would you enjoy oral sex? When men cum on your face, do you like?
A) Oral intercourse yes.

Q) Would you like anal sex? Can it harm for the very first time?
A) anal intercourse doesn´t turn me on. It doesn´t hurt me

Q) Can you ever try sex with a woman? Do you like women more, or even boys? Why?
A) No expertise.

Q) Can you ever try sex with 2 boys? Can it be better than with 1 boy?
A) No.

Q) Do you like older guys? Why?
A) Yes I like kind of â?ž MACHO â?ž guy who can hold me strong .

Q) Would you like a black guy?
A) In depents

Q) What size of manhood you want? Have you ever had?
A) I believe of 20 cm.

Q) Do you have any secret sexual appetite?
A) Not really.

Q) what type of lingerie do you prefer to wear?
A) Colorfull tanga type.

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