Spence in Seancody Dale & Spence May 12, 2006 Jock, Anal

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Dale had visited me a while ago when he did a film with Blake. I remembered him fondly because I love sporty men with dark hair, and Dale is such a cutie. After his visit, hed gotten busy and we had emailed forth and back but were not really able to hook up again.Then, I met Spence. I knew that Spence will be right up Dales street, therefore that I sent Dale a picture of him. Dales reply was speedy and excited, and he lost no time in getting his adorable little butt on a plane!Spence has grown to the whole man-on-man sex item and has really become quite an aggressive shirt. Obviously, Dales trip was definitely well worth it got fucked hard and enjoyed every minute of it. The thing that I loved about making this movie was how nice their skin tones played against other Dales light skin against Spences olive skin hot!

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