Tereza Ilova in Hotlegsandfeet Well Guy’s it’s me Tere June 17, 2006 Blonde Hair, Spanking

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Nicely Guy’s also you can see I and it ’ s Tereza Ilova ’ve got my self at a small jam. I ve justly of moving straight for the cum shot and been accused. I ’ ve ever been advised that this can be an increasingly important part of the game but I like the cum shot that I keep going from the gate directly to it. Well today like I ’ve been told it’s time for me to cover the purchase price and find out exactly what this teasing is all about, and they stated they’re sending in a specialist, her name is Susana to teach me all about it. When Susana walked I was at her mercy, leaping with silver hands cuffs at my wrist on. I was a bit nervous about what she would do because she came closer with a hot and evil look in her eye, but I was determined to not let it show I just put there rubbing against against my body. She placed her foot on the mattress and started rubbing my leg with her butt and she then set the harvest between her own legs rubbing her pussy back and forth, then she started rubbing the crop around her ass as I laid out there rubbing my pussy and watching her touch herself. Susana raised my and got to the bed and above my head and then used her amazement and touched my body around, starting with then my grab and thighs, gradually moving up to my tits and touching my face. She slapped on the base of my toes and then also lifted my leg and then she licked at my feet, I didn’t know what to believe one minute she’therefore causing me another she s licking at me with love and pain. She rubbed her harvest on my pussy and lowered my legs back down, rubbing all over and spreading my pussy open. She slapped at my twat and she leaned forward into Doggy and started licking at my thighs, showing me firsthand the distinction between plain old enjoyment along with pleasing pain. She got back on one knee and but her other foot up on the bed and then she began licking at my foot and feet and lift my legs back up. She began massaging my pussy up and down and placed my legs between my cuffed arms and then she slapped my butt with her crop warming my body. She got down along with her ass sticking up in the atmosphere then rubbing my pussy with her hands and licking my legs and ass around into Doggy. My pussy was really hot and wetting and that I kept teasing me along, rubbing my snatch with her crop back and forth and licking my toes and feet. She took my arms from all over my legs and rolled me over onto my side spreading my butt and pussy open wide and slapping my ass with her butt. She began slapping against her crop and massaging and she then moved back to licking at feet and at feet. I could feel that there was and that my pussy was wet inside. I wished to finger my grab awful but I knew she would just pull it out, so she’s on a mission to tease me and there s no way she’s so going to let me get off. She rubbed my thighs and pussy with her crop and then rolled me back over spreading my legs open and she straddled my body and began playing with my tits, rubbing them and all over and teasing my nipples. She unfastened my nylon and pulled it from my leg and wrapped them around my toes and feet and she then licked at my toes getting them all wet before shooting my second nylon and rubbing it. She lifted my legs and tied them together and then she licked at my toes, slapped on my thighs and buttocks with her crop, giving me a feeling of pain and joy all at one time. She rubbed her squirt onto my pussy and all over my tits and then she put down my legs and rolled me back over onto my side and running her crop around my hot and eager body before turning me over onto my stomach with my all facing up. Susana got to Doggy and laid down her face and started rubbing my thighs down and up and then she reached down and caught the nylon which was wrapped around my legs and pulled my toes up towards my buttocks. She licked and kissed my feet and buttocks ’s, touching me as if she cared and she then grabbed her crop and started slapping the bottoms of my bum and my feet. Susana rubbed my toes with her hands , gently touching my body and then sucking and licking on my toes and toyed with her harvest between my toes. She rolled me back over and put my cuffed arms across my legs and started sucking and licking my toes and then she caught me into gagging and rubbed my ass and moist puss then she rolled back onto my side and then teasingly rubbed down me some more. Everything I thought would never occur did. She tickles my legs and took one cuff off, putting it and she then led me away. I don’t understand where she s taking me I had been eager and ready to go. I learned a lot today about the whole teasing thing, she’d me ready to cum it was driving me crazy, I really hope now that she takes me a few where to complete the project, if not I’will do it myself as my pussy is hot and wet.

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